Sunday, 9 June 2013

The day after...

Hey baby, how's was your night? Mine was great - I'm still recovering, I lost my phone for a while, but found it in the back of my friends car! I drank way too much - Louise (You haven't met her, but she's awesome! Or maybe you have, she has been everywhere!) said she could drink me under the table, I said she couldn't, so 7 Long Island ice teas, and 7 of these things called death shots (Which is Absinthe & tequila) later, I went out for a ciggy (I know I'm sorry - but forgive me I was drinking!!!!) and then they wouldn't let me back in! How fucked! Lol - but I needed to go home anyway! So I did and have been so sick all day! I'm just going to watch so TV now - love you xxx ooo

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